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When to Call a Professional Plumber to Help with Your Clogged Drain

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A Clogged Drain Can be a Symptom of a Serious Problem


Staten Plumbing Can Keep Your Drains Clear and Running Smoothly with Video Inspection and Water Jet Cleaning.

The experts at Staten Plumbing provide professional drain cleaning using the latest video drain inspection technology and water jet cleaning. We don't leave until your drains are running like new. 

A broken drainpipe is not always easy to detect, and is typically very easy to confuse with a simple blockage or clogged drain. If your drains appear sluggish, call us right away. Our plumbers here at Staten are experts at diagnosing and repairing your outdoor pipes. We can repair the drain problem before further damage is done. 

In Greenville, few plumbing services are capable of matching our ability to provide you with accurate and prompt assessments of your clogged drains. And even fewer of these plumbing services are able to provide you with the experience, equipment, and unparalleled expertise to fix your clogged or damaged drain properly, quickly and completely the first time. 

When left unattended, a clogged or broken drain can cause you unimaginable grief. Your home or business could be at risk of possible flooding or backed up waste. 

Our plumbers have years of experience in plumbing and drain repair. Staten Plumbing will never leave your drains damaged or poorly repaired. Because many of our competitors lack the necessary equipment and experience for underground pipe repair, they either rent the equipment or sub-contract to a company (like Staten) to complete the job. This leads to additional costs that are passed on to you. Why not call Staten first? We won't keep you waiting! 

Call the Professionals at Staten Plumbing to Get Your Drains Cleared Promptly.

At some point in the life of your plumbing systems, your drains will become clogged. The reasons are numerous, but it will usually become apparent using our video inspection system. We carefully pry into the pipe and examine the blockage. Sometimes it's simply grease or some other type of sludge that can be quickly power blasted away. At other times, we may find that root intrusion, broken, crushed or corroded pipes as the cause of the blockage. That's when things might get complicated. When we review your video with you, we will be sure to point out where your issues are stemming from. 

Only a full service plumbing company like Staten is equipped with the necessary tools, supplies and experience to provide on-the-spot pipe replacement for sewer or water lines. We can usually provide same day service here in the Greenville area with the least amount of mess and disruption to your yard and plumbing system. 

What to Expect During the Initial Plumbing Service Call: