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When Should You Call an Electrical Contractor?

electrical work

Most of the time, our electrical system works for us, not against us. In fact, we might go years without any major electrical issues in our home. But what about those times when you have an electrical concern and it isn’t something you can solve on your own? That’s when you need to call in an electrical contractor to ensure your electrical system is working its best.

  • Power Flickers or Shut Offs – If you’ve noticed your power is regularly flickering or will randomly shut off without notice, it’s time to call in an electrical contractor to assess the issue. Problems like flickering and shut-offs can be a result of a malfunction or a wiring problem that requires a licensed electrician to correct.
  • Breaker Box Triggers – Have you noticed your breaker box has certain receptacles that keep flipping off? This could be a result of your breaker box being on overload, or there could be an electrical problem with an appliance causing the breaker to trip. Calling in an electrical contractor to problem solve will give you answers and ensure the problem is solved effectively.
  • Outlet Fire or Smoke – Any time one of your electrical outlets sustains damage, whether it’s smoke coming from the outlet or you’ve had an outlet fire, it’s time to call in an electrician. What might seem like a small issue can actually lead to major damage to your home, so calling an electrical contractor should be your first course of action.

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