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When Should You Schedule an Electrical Inspection?

Electrical inspection

Most homeowners only consider an electrical inspection necessary when going through a significant change, like selling their home. However, inspections are essential to ensure your electrical system is up to code, safe, and working correctly.

Here are a few times when you should consider scheduling an electrical inspection:

  • Before and After Major Home Upgrades – If you are planning a renovation that involves moving outlets or changing the room’s layout, you’ve probably been working with an electrician to ensure everything is done properly. However, it is important that you have the electrical systems inspected before the renovations and after. Doing this will ensure your home is safe and up to code.
  • If You Did Electrical Work Yourself – If you’ve made changes to your home’s electrical system on your own, you should schedule an electrical inspection to ensure you’ve done everything correctly and your home is not at risk of electrical fires.
  • If You Bought a Home Without an Inspection – While home inspections are not crucial to buying a home, having an electrical inspection done after purchasing a new property will inform you if the house is safe.
  • If You Have Sudden Problems –If something in your electrical system is suddenly not working and you can’t figure out why scheduling an inspection is the best way to determine the issue.
  • If There’s Been Water Damage –After your home has leaked or been in a severe storm, parts of your electrical system may have been affected by water damage. This clearly indicates that you need a professional to look over your wiring to ensure it is safe and prevent getting shocked.